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Let’s go through some of the most bothering problems

Will INVESMENTOR help in finding the correct intraday entry and targets?

As the gold verse says, 'Practice makes perfect.' It is also highly applicable in the stock market. And that's why Invesmentor gives you Live Market Hour practice support, where you'll be practising real trades on the NSE simulator under our professional supervision. They've practised this technique in their trades for several years, and now they're helping you with the same.

How will I find the best stocks for intraday trading?

finding right stock is the secret of stock market success. You need some specialized knowledge to find out the best stocks. For this problem, we have specifically added one-on-one mentorship sessions, where you will get knowledge and secrets to find out the next big or high-performing stocks directly from our mentors.

How do I analyse the next possible moves in Nifty and Bank Nifty from the option chain?

The continuous and strategic practice on the NSE Simulator with the Option Chain and our professional proven tactics will help you find the next possible moves and directions in Nifty and Bank Nifty.

How long should we hold onto a swing trade?

This is a common question many of our students ask when starting their journey with us. But through rigorous practise and our mentors' hand-holding guidance, we help them to find the right entry and the correct 'swing high' or targets confidently in no time, where our research analyst team will be guiding you through one-to-one mentorship programmes.

I am already at a deep loss in my portfolio. Should I hold my losing trade or book my loss now?

We're extremely sorry for your situation! Many gets confused in such situation. A thorough Holding Stocks Insights on your existing portfolio will ensure how to make your portfolio a highly profitable one. And our team of efficient research analysts will go through your portfolio and give you the possible and best suggestions on those.

I entered a live intraday trade. The market is volatile. What should be my target for the trade?

To get immediate answers to such urgent and important questions, for the first time in India, INVESMENTOR has come up with this unique feature of live chat support, where you can ask direct, open-trade-related questions to our professionals who will give you suggestions in live trades.

I am holding a call/put option, but the market is going in the opposite direction. Will the market change in my direction today?

You can ask any kind of trade-related question, even about the targets of your open trades, by chatting directly with our mentors under the Live Chat Support feature.

I want to trade in options but feel overwhelmed by option data and Greeks. What should I do?

Many option traders face this hurdle when starting out in option trading. To overcome this you need professional guidance. In INSIGNIA’s one-on-one mentoring session, our certified market trainers will show you the exact way to master the Option Chain Data and Option Greeks and how you can increase your efficiency in this derivatives genre.


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